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Page Ranky is a team of performance driven, dedicated and experienced individuals who have been working in Search Engine Optimization and Web Design and Development for a long time. Our main goal is to assist our clients with their websites so that they get the best value out of their sites.
about us

What We Do

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To achieve this, I’ve begun working independently on the freelance market.
I’m setting up my own firm in 2021, that’s why I’ve decided to start sentosh as a comapny.

What Makes Us Stand Apart

Among many SEO service companies out there, we are also one. But here are some of our features which have made us stand apart.

Budget Friendly

We know that budget is a true concern for most website owners. So, we try to provide services within a pocket-friendly price.


Team Synergy

Our strong bonding and understanding of team members help us to bring out the projects successfully.



While working with your personal information, we make sure that the information is not being shared with any third party.


Expert Individual

We are expert in the services we provide. Experience along with expertise has helped us to beat the competition.


On-time Delivery

To deliver the project on time, we only take orders as long as we have the capacity.


Services We Provide

We are here for providing you different SEO and Web Development services. Our SEO service includes- Keyword Research Service, SEO Backlinking Service, SEO Audit, Full SEO Solution Service, Monthly SEO Service, and Local SEO Service.

In web development sector, we work with- AdSense Website Building Service, SEO Friendly Website Design Service, WordPress Speed Optimization Service. Besides these, we can build Amazon Affiliate Websites for you.

Below are some of our expertise areas-

The most important factor for ranking and bringing the best from your website is Backlink. Our backlink experts have worked in this field for a long time and they know how to do this. Our manually created backlinks will aid you to flourish.

SEO is our expertise area where we are working with confidence for a long time. We have expertise, experience, skill, knowledge and research in this filed. So, you are going to get the best value from our end in anything related to SEO.

To stand better than other in SEO, you need a website that is SEO friendly. There are some technical things which make websites SEO friendly. We have technical SEO experts who work with our web designers and developers to bring out an SEO friendly website for you.

If you are looking for clients from your local area, optimizing the site for your locality is important. That’s what we do for you. We are expert in optimizing your business or service website for reaching to the local clients through search engines.

If you find your website is not working as expected even after building some quality backlinks and quality contents, there might be some serious issues. No worries. We are expert in SEO audit and able to help you to find the issues.


A Bit More about Us

Throughout our journey of almost a decade, we have worked with many clients and also established our very own websites. We know this industry for a long time and that’s why we have the scope of providing you the best value so that your website grows faster and does better comparing to your competitors.

Our team has a strong synergy that helps our individuals to make the work faster and better together. As a result, the projects we do are done within time and the outputs are always great to see. Our strong communication and understanding in the team has helped a lot to come this long way without any major disappointment.

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